Quick Eats: Yonanas Creation For a Sunny Blustery Day

The weather in the Northeast area has been rather brutal, despite the arrival of Spring. However, today was pretty sunny so it had me craving soft serve. Instead of heading to my favorite Vegan soft serve spot, I remembered I had a Yonanas that could easily deliver me fresh, organic fruity soft serve in  minutes! So I pulled out my trusty machine and got to work. You can use any frozen fruit to get delicious, nutritious soft serve. I used 1.5 bananas and a handful of strawberries, all frozen, all organic. I ate mine naked, but you can add anything to your fresh bowl of Yonanas iced fruit such as coconut whipped cream, cacao nibs, or berries! It’s all your creation. Most importantly, it has no fillers, no mystery ingredients and it’s gluten free. Enjoy! Share any fun recipes you have for your Yonanas sundae.



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