Voodoo Doughnut Too

1501 NE Davis St
Portland, OR 97232
To say Voodoo Doughnuts is an experience is an understatement! If you love depravity, decadence, extremely decorated donuts with unlikely toppings, pink boxes, and long, long lines…then Voodoo Doughnuts is for you! A Portland institution and an unlikely multi-million dollar empire, Voodoo is a true original. Once known for its hangover donuts with Pepto Bismol filling and crushed  up advil on top, Voodoo is fearless. While they are no longer legally allowed to serve donuts with controlled substances as toppings, they are crazy enough to offer a delightful array of Vegan donuts! 
I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I went here twice (we couldn’t bare the unrelenting sunshine pummeled line at the original location). I had the Devil’s Food and later the Peanut Butter Oreo donuts.

Don't do this at home, kids!

Don’t do this at home, kids!

They were sinfully delicious and will get you hitting the gym or the yoga mat in no time. I had to repent for all that decadence! But the Vegan varieties are boundless! There’s glazed chocolate, choco-stick, Diablos Rex, Vegan cock (don’t ask) and many others. I recommend getting there earlier rather than later as the variety is better and the donuts are so fresh.

The lines are long, the seating is torn up and ratty  (there’s also outdoor seating), the people can be a bit rowdy, and they only take cash. But Voodoo is something that everyone who goes to Portland has to experience.This location has a parking lot too. You can even get married there for a paltry $300. So dust off your sense of humor and head on out for some Voodoo magic! IMG_5464

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