Tru Nature Juice Bar


2225 E. Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803

True Nature was my home away from home when I was visiting family in Long Beach. CA. My biggest worry of not being able to maintain my daily green juice habit while away, was quickly pacified when I realized there was a brand new juice bar right around the corner from my bnb!! I was so excited to check it out that I headed over there first thing in the morning.

True Nature is an oasis on the hot sunny Cali days when you really need a fresh juice to refresh. The staff is very nice and hospitable. I had to laugh because one of the owners told me he defected from the NJ/NY area and left the corporate world to start his little juice shop in Cali and be a yogi. I love that! But, getting back to the juice and the food; everything was absolutely delicious! I especially enjoyed the Go Green juice and the berry bowl for breakfast. You can also build your own of mostly anything on the menu (juices, smoothies, bowls). The bowls are absolutely delicious and packed with essential nutrients to start your day off right like acai berry, etc. The place itself is small, but there are a few tables to sit down and enjoy your treats. There is also outdoor seating. I look forward to visiting Tru Nature Juice Bar again when I am in town.

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