Townshend’s Division Street Teahouse

A fresh draft of Love kombucha
3531 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 236-7772

Ok, so I have always loved kombucha, but Portland has given me a whole new perspective on this fantastically fermented fountain of freshness! I first discovered Townshend’s kombucha at the Portland Saturday Market.

The kombucha stand at The Portland Saturday Market

The kombucha stand at The Portland Saturday Market

I tried the White Rose on tap and it was delicious. Just the right floral hint with a bit of sweetness. It was also so refreshing considering it was a hot, dry day topping out at 95 degrees! We continued to buy the bottled versions at local eateries and Whole Foods and also enjoyed the Nutritonic (has lots of delicious organic ingredients like peppermint, nettle, and alfalfa). In fact, I can’t imagine there being a bad flavor in the bunch. But, I will say we met our match when we stumbled upon Townshend’s actual teahouse on Division Street. They had a lot of varieties on tap, but LOVE caught our attention. This divine concoction of organic lavender, organic chamomile, organic damiana, organic rose, and jasmin green tea is truly heaven sent. You must try it! Not to mention the extremely chill setting of the cafe and the free wi-fi will have you throwing back mugs of this brilliant kombucha.


It was too hot to try the warm teas, but I can assure you the kombucha makes your trip to the teahouse well worthwhile. I will definitely come back when I’m visiting Portland again. Townshend is yet another testament to the local grassroots community that has molded Portland into a truly unique place to be with delicious food and drinks to boot. The artwork is also beautiful and very thought-provoking, so if you left your laptop at home, you can take turns interpreting the hidden meanings in these cool paintings. Go…now!


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