The Top 5 Essential Oils You Need in Your Medicine Cabinet

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I’m thrilled to introduce you to my guest blogger, Jennifer Marchese-Cegielnik, a childhood friend of mine who is an essential oil guru and a wife and mom of two. I asked Jennifer to share her tips for replacing harmful drugs and medicines in your medicine cabinets for pure, natural essential oils. Here’s her story:

I was first introduced to essential oils by a friend who worked at a daycare facility. She told me how they were helping her with not getting sick as well as everyday ailments, which sparked my curiosity. I purchased my first kit of essential oils thinking, what do I have to lose? My first Wow experience came when I tried Peppermint oil for a headache. I was amazed by the quick results for within just a few minutes after applying the oil on my temples, the headache was gone! My second experience was with Panaway; a blend and Lavender Oil. I used both oils for stomach cramps, literally rubbing it on my lower pelvis area. Amazingly, my cramps were relieved by the cooling and calming sensations of the oils, I loved it!!! My skeptic husband even became a believer when I introduced him to Thieves oils. Throughout the almost 20 years I’ve known him,  he has always been prone to upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, ammonia, stomach bugs you name it and he was always on antibiotics at least every 2-3 months because of it.  He started using the Thieves back in September and it is now 8 months later and he has not gotten sick since nor have my children or myself! We started applying the oil on the bottom of our feet every day and after a couple months, and have not gotten sick in almost three months! Which in our house is totally unheard with two young children. This is the reason that I am now a Distributor for Young Living oils and an advocate for their ability to heal naturally. I love the products I believe in them and they work for me and my family. I no longer use over-the-counter meds for headaches, stomach, muscle, back or neck pain, allergies, sinuses, sleep, stress or anxiety. It makes me so happy and so relieved that my family is no longer consuming these toxins our body. Here is a brief description of essential oils and what oils you should have in your medicine cabinet to be on the path to natural healing.

Essential Oils are concentrated liquids extracted from plants. If you were to squeeze a lemon peel the liquid that comes out is the essential oil.  And when grown, harvested and distilled properly, essential oils can have a wide array of uses and tremendous health benefits. Essential oils like Young Living oils offer 100% pure therapeutic grade oils so they can be applied topically inhaled and even ingested.  They are aromatic, a great alternative to non-toxic cleaning products, and provide organic, pure, and safe health and healing benefits.

My top 5 favorite essential oils that every household should have include:

Peppermint- cures headaches, heartburn, indigestion, allergies

Panaway- eases sore muscles back or neck pain, stomach cramps

Lavender- relieves allergies, bug bites, help to sleep better at night

Lemon- reduces phlegm, balances ph when you drink it, use on bottom of feet and elbows to soften skin

Thieves- prevents infection, maintains health, eases sore throat, receding gums, migraines

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