The Perfect Saturday: Friends, Visionboarding, Exercise with A View, and Food!

Yesterday, I got together with my girlfriends for a mini-retreat at my friend’s Stephanie’s house in Edgewater. We had an amazing time while we strolled around the walkway in her backyard. The views of NY were magnificent and the overall calm really helped to de-stress. She has a balcony that overlooks the water and to hear the sounds of the getle waves rustling while we snacked on veggies and chips and caught up was wonderful. We each brought something to snack on Stephanie was kind enough to give us each an adorable breast cancer awareness pumpkin because they were feminie, sassy, and it’s the season! The rest of the day consisted of us visionboarding¬†¬†(is that a verb and one word?) and talking about some of our goals while doing it. I’ve actually never completed a vision board before; not for lack of interest of interest, but for lack of proper magazines and supplies! Luckily, Stephanie was fully stocked since she uses vision boards for her mentoring programs often. We all took a picture together with our boards and celebrated the accomplishment as well the future accomplishments that lie ahead.


I highly recommend using a vision board to get a physical picture of what your dreams like, no matter what they are. You may even find that a few more unexpected visions come to mind when flipping through the pages of a magazine. It brings you one step closer to your dreams and keeps you on track. I especially recommend sharing this experience with good friends. Making your goals known and vocalizing them is crucial to accountability. When you keep your dreams locked up inside, it makes it a lot easier to not work on them.

photo 5

The beautiful view of the skyline during our walk.

My first vision board (see below) was a little sloppy, but I definitey got the hang of it by the second one. My biggest focus was moving to the West Coast (I’m still undecided about the location), falling in love, getting a dog one day, traveling, and practicing good health through food and fitness. What are your goals and how to you get in touch with them daily? I challenge you to seriously contemplate these questions and not be afraid to articulate and go after your heart’s desire. Have a mini-retreat with friends, celebrate all that you’ve accomplished and all you plan to accomplish in the future, laugh, love, and have fun.

My first board...a bit funny looking, but a good start.

My first board…a bit funny looking, but a good start.


My second board..a bit more polished and to the point. I really love this one.

My second board..a bit more polished and to the point. I really love this one.

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