The Montclair Farmer’s Market

Fall has arrived and with it comes a bounty of magnificent seasonal vegetables and fruits! I visited my local farmer’s market yesterday and was in absolute heaven. The selection was vast and the colors varied across the spectrum. I even picked up a bouquet of the gorgeous dahlias you see above. I couldn’t resist the magnetic pop of the pink and red. Apparently everybody else couldn’t either, because there was a huge line to snag some of these beauties.

I always learn so much when I go the market. For instance, the big takeaway yesterday was that purple and bright yellow cauliflower actually exist. (Please see below for the photographic evidence). When I asked the farmer if there were any inherent differences or rules for preparation, he said no. I think it’s beautiful and would add a touch of color and style to any dish. It would be a great conversation piece too!


The squashes, watermelons, and herbs all inspire me to cook warm and comforting fall meals that will delight my friends and family. For instance, I definitely plan on making a butternut squash (non-dairy) cream soup with the lovely squash I bought.

IMG_4099 IMG_4098

Eggplants make amazing purees for dips or a great Italian vegetarian/Vegan dish! Plus, the colors are brilliant!


Herbs are wonderful for spicing up your dishes or throwing into salads. IMG_4096

Mushrooms have many health benefits such as boosting the immune system and other anti-inflammatory benefits. They also taste amazing! As a Vegan, I love the meaty taste and robust flavor, especially paired with a marinade and some leafy greens.


Tomatillos are brilliant in a crock pot dish or with and southwestern dish. I love how you have to peel back the layers to get to the juicy center. They are a bit sticky though!


Gorgeous mini peppers are easy to clean and prepare and pair well with any dish cooked or raw.


Root veggies are amazing in soups, stews, as a stand alone dish, or raw in salads. I use my steamer basket to steam and soften when needed. IMG_4087


A stunningly beautiful autumn arrangement along with some pumpkins to usher in fall’s arrival!


Watermelon is still in season! I’m taking advantage and making the last of the watermelon juice that I love to sip on with family and friends. It always reminds me of summer. I simply use natural cocnut water, about 8 mint leaves, and the sliced up watermelon, then blend and enjoy!

IMG_4084 IMG_4083

I absolutely love the taste of fresh basil in my salad.  IMG_4079 IMG_4078 IMG_4068 IMG_4073



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