Sweet Avenue Bakery – Outstanding Vegan Cupcakes and More!

153 Park Ave
Rutherford, NJ 07070
201.935.BAKE (2253)

All-Vegan dessert shops are hard to come by in Northern NJ. But with the holiday weekend upon us, something sweet and pastel is a must for Vegans too. After some brief research, I stumbled upon Sweet Avenue bake shop in Rutherford. The storefront itself is a real-life square on a Candy Land board. Inside, there were tons of enticing confections all dressed up and ready to be eaten.

It’s tough to decide what to get because there is simply so much to choose from and everything looks delicious. Currently, they have bright and colorful Easter cupcakes that come with or without gluten. They also have an illusive mouthwatering Vegan crumb cake that will win over even the biggest skeptical of Vegan desserts. I especially love the cake truffles because they allow you to try a bit of everything with a little less guilt and a lot more room in your belly (I confess, I tried 3!). Some of the flavors include Beer & Pretzel, S’mores, and Birthday Cake. Cupcake flavors are also diverse with fun spring selections like Lavendar Lemon and Strawberry Fields along with classics like Cookies ‘N Cream and Carrot Cake. There’s something for everyone and they won’t know the difference.


Just some of the fantastic selections at Sweet Avenue including the cake truffles, cupcakes, and full size cakes.

The owner, Danielle, her mother, Ann, and her sister, Kristina, were all there serving up the goods, as Sweet Avenue is completely family run. They were founded in 2006 and are completely cruelty, dairy, egg, and cholesterol free. Danielle and her team offer a rotating selection of around 30 flavors. Everything is made from scratch daily and they never use cake mixes or batters. Their credo is “Dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of cupcakes.” Who can argue with that? Get yours now and long live the Vegan cupcake!


Left to right: Danielle, Ann, and Kristina bestowing their sweet hospitality and amazing creations.


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