Summer Green Juice Recipe

I was so excited to use my fresh veggies that I purchased from my local farmer’s market this morning! This juice somehow tasted better than any juice I’ve made all week with produce I buy from Whole Foods. I can only guess that the fresh, local aspect makes all the difference, especially with the cucumbers, which happen to be my absolute favorite base for all my daily fresh green juices. I’ve included the ingredients below and hope you’ll be able to use the either organic or local fresh produce, especially for the apple and the cucumber, as they are top rated on the EWG’s dirty dozen list. If you can’t get either organic, then be sure to peel the skin off before juicing to reduce pesticide consumption. It will make a difference! Enjoy!

Serves 2 (or just enjoy all this fresh whole food goodness yourself like I do!)

1 small beet with the greens

1 bundle of kale (3-4 leaves with the stems)

1 large cucumber

1-2 pieces of turmeric root

1/2 lemon

1 granny smith apple (or other apple of your choice)


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