Save On Organic Products By Shopping in Bulk


I’m a huge fan of a bargain…especially when I’m shopping for items that I buy and eat often. While I don’t have a huge necessity for buying in bulk, I don’t mind buying bulk quantities of natural, organic, non-GMO, non-perishables such as chia seeds, quinoa, and other whole grains. Costco features an impressive selection of great health products (as pictured above) at amazing prices. For instance, I bought 2 4 lb bags of the truRoots organic quinoa for only $14.39 each. They were originally $17.00, but I received $3.60 off of each bag. While the normal price of 14 oz bag or box of organic quinoa costs around $6.99 average and doesn’t last nearly as long. The 2 lb bag of organic chia seeds cost me $11.99. The average 14 oz. bag of organic chia seeds costs about $10! So, you really see the value and have a prolonged source of nutritious natural, foods for a lot less. The 3 lb organic lentils trio bag (they’re already sprouted!!) cost only $9.69 while a regular 8 oz bag of the SAME brand, same product normally retails for $4.69 and that’s a fraction of the amount of product you get when buying in bulk, but not a fraction of the cost! The organic, cold-pressed, coconut oil (54 fluid oz) costs $14.99 while a comparable product in a much smaller quantity costs around $13 for 15 fl oz. These products usually last me a minimum of 6 months at a time, but that depends on how large your household is. If you don’t have a Costco card, see if you can tag along with a friend who is a member, when he/she goes, the savings are definitely worth the trip and battling the crowds. If you’re not into crowds, like me, I recommend going during the weekday in the afternoon, if you can. It allows for a lot less crowds and will give you time to browse and explore. The holiday rush is upon us, so the sooner the better!

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