Killer Vegan Diner

996 Stuyvesant Avenue
Union, NJ 07083
(908) 964-8600

Killer Vegan is a wonderful place to get homeade, tasty Vegan food. I went here with my local Vegan meetup and was very excited to try out their menu. We ordered from the lunch menu, but I’m definitely going to check out the dinner menu one day too. The selection covered your basic soups, salads, wraps, burgers, and paninis. I was torn between the burger and the panini. The owner recommended the burger, but in retrospect, I think she did this because there was such an overwhelming demand for the panini, which is a new addition to the menu.

I was disappointed with the veggie burger. It tasted like a typical frozen patty, which I usually don’t eat. There was no sauce for it but they did have a section to select ketchup and various hot sauces. I don’t normally put either on my burgers, but I opted for the organic ketchup. The side of roasted brussel sprouts was fantastic!

The infamous panini with chips.

The infamous panini with chips.

The panini looked delicious. I will definitely get that next time. In fact, someone who worked there told me it was their most popular dish and everyone loves it so much that they were selling out of it daily (which again, makes me wonder why I was steered away from it).

The desserts are outrageously delicious. In fact, I had to go up and order a piece of cake before my food even arrived because I could see they were quickly disappearing out of the display cases (there were 4 whole cakes when I got there, and only one half of one cake left when I headed out). I highly recommend that you order a piece of cake immediately or you might miss out. The cookies and cream cake was out-of-this-world!!! The other flavors were mocha, coconut, and mint chocolate. I definitely want to try the coconut cake next time.

Absolutely ah-mazing cookies and cream Vegan cake.

Absolutely ah-mazing cookies and cream Vegan cake.

A few things to note: they only take cash and parking is extremely tough to find, since they’re situated on a very busy main drag. I had to call them twice while I was in my car because I’m not familiar with Union and I couldn’t figure out where I could park. They were very helpful and told me what street to go to. If you can’t get parking on Stuyvesant opt for some back roads.

The decor leaves much to be desired. There are dead pointsettas in the front window and odd shavings in another front window (almost like the stuff puppies in display windows play in – adopt don’t shop, but you know what I mean). I’m sure they plan to work through their overall atmosphere. At the end of the day, the food is what matters. While I didn’t love my dish, I do want to return to sample more of the menu, especially dinner and brunch, and of course, more cake!!

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