550 Bloomfield Ave
Verona, NJ 07044

If you’re looking for a familiar way to transition into Vegan food that emulates the typical American favorites, then Postivitea is for you! The majority of the offerings revolve around a chickpea or black bean pattie sandwiched between a bun (even a pretzel bun…try Da Schnitzel!) or a wrap (yes, they a gluten-free alternative too). I haven’t had one bad thing so far and I’ve been here many many times. While the service is a bit slow, the food is well worth the wait. My absolute favorite part of Positivitea is hands-down the fact that they actually have Vegan soft serve!! (Or as they call it, N’ICE’ KREAM) I don’t believe I know of any other place that offers it. The selection of sundaes is vast. I particularly love the All Jersey and the Mr. Cookie Munster. They even have Vegan marshmallows! There’s also a seasonal selection of flavors like pumpkin and eggnog (sans egg). They have also added cookies and cakes to the selection, but I have yet to try them because I love the ice cream so much.

Their selection of loose teas (coconut rooibus is the best!!), smoothies, and fresh juices is exquisite. As for entrees, my favorites are The Mediterranean (I recommend getting the chili sauce on the side unless you love spicy and a runny nose while you’re trying to eat your food) and Garden of Vegan. The quinoa chips and the kale salad are equally delicious. Whatever they make the chip sauce drizzle with makes me want to put it in an IV and hook it up to me! I think it’s avocado. Whatever it is, it’s amazing!

The service and atmosphere/decor leave something to be desired. I feel as though they’re still feeling their way through the process and that’s perfectly normal. If you love fresh, organic, Vegan food with a twist of familiar plant-based comfort foods. Positivitea is the perfect place for you!

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