Natural Coconut Water and Its Benefits


I captured this photo while heading to the beach. The owner of the cart was plucking fresh cocnuts from the tree, in the bushes and tossing them in the cart.

While in Boca Raton, I took a road trip to South Beach. I was immediately enchanted by the beauty of the beaches and the charm of the rows of palm trees that lined every path. I took the photo above while heading to the beach. After spotting the bounty of fresh picked coconuts (the guy was literally tossing them into the cart while rummaging through the bush), I vowed to get some freshly opened coconut water after my beach session. For a small donation between $3-7 dollars, I got some fresh coconut water! The man chopped through its hard shell with his shopping carriage! It was an impressive sight to see.

I love coconut water because it’s a natural, full of potassium, keeps you hydrated, and has a subtle sweetness that is not to be missed. It is an excellent alternative to the suger-laden drinks sold today. I was recently reading an article from one of my favorite food bloggers, Food Babe, about coconut water and how it’s processed. I was shocked to read that a lot of mainstream coconut water that I’ve been drinking for a long time is heated and therefore compromised from a nutritional standpoint. There are also a lot of potentially carcinogenic properties in the preservatives used to prolong shelf life. She advises to buy packaged coconut water that is cold-pressed and from a young coconut vs. a mature one, which can provide less nutrients due to aging. I’m now a lot more skeptical when buying any old packaged version. Any raw, organic, not from concentrate offering is ok to purchase. You can find these selections at Whole Foods or your local heath food store. Harmless Harvest is a great brand. They might be a bit pricey, but your health is priceless.

It’s a bit disheartening to realize that we constantly have to be on alert about every product, even the ones that are supposed to be inherently healthy. But, it’s worth making the effort and avoiding the preservatives, chemicals, and processed selections. Your body will thank you for it! Or make it simple and hop a plane to someplace tropical and get your fresh coconut water! 🙂


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