Namu Korean Hawaiian Food Truck

2880 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202


When I hit the Portland food truck scene, the only torturous thing involved was actually choosing what truck to get your food from. Stumbling on the amazing SE Division Street neighborhood was a revelation in itself; but the food truck pod was on a whole different level. There was everything from pizza, to salads, to waffle sandwiches, to Mexican, to bakeries, to green juices, to beer trucks. They even had 2 retail trucks! Once I tore myself away from the spectacle, I was able to focus on what lucky truck was going to get my dollars. Namu was the resounding winner.

As you can see from the picture of my Vegan Bowl above, it was a mouthwatering fusion of plant-based delights. It included kim chee, sesame spinach, cucumber salad, avocado, kidney beans, choice of brown or white rice, and spicy coconut sauce. All this for only $5!!! Everything was fresh and prepared to perfection. The cooks and servers were very friendly and there is a laid back vibe that permeates throughout the vicinity.

IMG_5034There are plenty of benches to enjoy your bowl both near Namu’s truck and in the center of the food truck

park. They serve tons of beverages like coconut water and also have desserts. Although it’s not a Vegan truck, they also have one other Vegan option, the Aloha bo wl (teriyaki tofu…yum!) that looked amazing too. You don’t want to miss Namu!

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