Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant

515 Bloomfield Ave
Montclair, NJ 07042

To put it simply; I love Mesob. If you seek fine dining with a plethora of Vegan/vegetarian and any other selections, along with great service and a relaxing atmosphere, then look no more. But be sure to leave your fork and knife at home because they don’t use utensils! Fun, right?!! Oh, and bring a bottle since they don’t serve alcohol.

As a Montclair resident, I’ve eaten at Mesob many times and always enjoy myself. The food is presented beautifully, the atmosphere embodies the Ethiopian vibe, and the service is wonderful. Everything tastes fresh and each time I go, I learn more about Ethiopian cuisine and how much I love it. I love that you can customize your dishes and share with your friends via a sampler. I always opt for the Vegan dishes and I’m never disappointed. I particularly love the INGUDAI TIBS (marinated portobello mushrooms), YE’SHIMBRA ASSA WAT (chickpea biscuits) and the DINICH WAT  (simmered potatoes). Eating this delicious food with my hands hasn’t been this fun since childhood. I feel the sharing and the picking of food with friends really enhances the “dining together” experience. The waiters are also very helpful when you have questions about anything but they’re never overbearing.

The teas are wonderful and there is a wide selection of them as well as coffee, which they dedicate half of the dessert menu page to telling its history (very cool). I highly recommend the ginger and mint tea blends. They also have Vegan chocolates and cookies!! At Mesob, food is an art. If you haven’t experienced it, definitely give it a try. You will be very pleased. The weekends can be very busy, so it’s best to make a reservation. However, they’re usually very laid-back and happy to accomodate walk-ins with a minor wait time.

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