Le Salbuen – Eclectic Dining With Delicious Vegan Options


97 Walnut St
Montclair, NJ 07042
(201) 622-8473

Boy, was I impressed when I came to Le Salbuen! I had often passed this quaint little spot nestled in the heart of Walnut Street’s finest restaurants. But I never thought they would have anything that would appeal to me from a Vegan perspective. So when I was invited here for dinner, I prepared myself to be noshing on leftover greens and water.

First, let me say that the atmosphere is incredibly charming. It was freezing that night and when I walked up to the dimly lit, tiny little space with tons of curious tchotchkes strewn about, I was excited to eat there. The place reminds me of somewhere I’d go to in the East Village or Montreal. You definitely want to get there early to ensure a seat as there aren’t too many places to linger if you have to wait.

When I looked at the menu, I was completely shocked to see that they had a plethora of Vegan selections cleverly denoted with a V symbol. This stroke of luck typically never happens and I’m left to decode the menu and try to figure out what could potentially be Vegan while eventually asking the waiter to bug the chef about viable options. It was thrilling to have so much selection. I will caution you to read all the details of the Vegan dishes offered, as one of the specials was marked with a V but actually had quail eggs in it. But mistakes happen; no biggie.

I ordered the mint carrot salad and the veggie patty with a salad and walnut raisin bread. Everything was absolutely delicious! They don’t have any Vegan desserts, but I did order a green tea latte with almond milk, which was fantastic. I cannot recommend Le Salbuen enough. The waiters are helpful and don’t pressure you to order soon or rush you out. The ambience is charming. The food is fantastic and has an ecclectic mix of options. It is BYOB like most Montclair restaurants, so bring a bottle if you want some wine while you dine. I plan to go there for brunch next time.

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