Juicing For Health and Vitality – How and Why

Juicing is the lifeblood of every natural living ritual! I cannot recommend it enough. Many think that juicing is expensive and tedious. But with a little organization and creativity, you can do it in a jiffy and get amazing results in the process.

Why juice? Because it gives you the unadulterated essential nutrients from greens and other veggies and fruits that your body needs to stay nourished. It is also sets your morning off to a great start. Once you get a juicer (I personally love my Breville juicer but there are other higher end models that you can check out as well), you can begin to experiment or look up some yummy recipes. Cucumbers, celery, and kale are great bases. Fruits such as green apples also help to sweeten your creation but make sure your fruit:veggie ratio is 1:3. You don’t want to consume too much sugar.

Once you establish a rhythm, you will know what produce to buy to ensure it’s all there in the morning. You can even wash and rinse your ingedients the day before so you don’t have to spend time doing that during the morning rush. Also, always line your bin with a plastic bag so you can remove the scraps seamlessly. Do NOT wait to clean off your juicer because the scraps will embed themselves and make clean up an arduous task. On the same note, don’t delay drinking your freshly squeezed beverage as the nutrients break down quickly. It’s best to consume your juice on an empty stomach so all the nutrients are absorbed fully. You can wait about 20 minutes afterwards to eat solid foods. I boil the water for my gluten-free steel cut oatmeal while I’m juicing to save time and have something solid ready for me when the time has elapsed.

Leave your comments below and tell us about your juicing adventures, challenges, and triumphs.

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