Basic Essentials To Pack For Your Trip

I’m off to Florida for a long weekend and I thought I’d share how I maintain my natural lifestyle while on the road. It took a while to find the right travel sized products that I loved, but I managed. I usually never check a bag, so size is important for me due to the liquid restrictions. While I was in Santa Fe, I stumbled upon an amazing store named, Pharmaca. They had so many amazing natural beauty and wellness products. Although I didn’t need to get too many things, I did make it a point to stroll their travel size aisle. I was delighted to find Giovanni shampoo, which is lauryl and laureth free, vegetarian, and organic. It was perfectly sized and spared me from the chemically enhanced shampoos that most hotels offer. I also found one of my favorite natural, Vegan skin care lines, DeVita, had a travel kit with tons of goodies that easily fit in my bag. It includes 2 toners, sunscreen facial lotion, night creme, eye cream, 2 facial cleansers, and 2 sample serums for only $14.68 at Vitacost!! The kit also allowed me to sample other products before making the investment in the larger sizes. I loved almost everything and ended up investing in some. If you already have natural products you love, but can’t find them in travel size, get some eco-friendly, carry-on-compliant containers and use a funnel to put them in.

As for food…most whole foods are highly perishable, so I’ll usually buy a salad and other healthy meals at the airport before I board. For snacks, I always pack a Lara Bar, some raw whole nuts like cashews or almonds from the bulk bins at Whole Foods, and my Lifefactory water bottle which is BPA/BPS-free and glass (try to avoid plastic). I fill it up once I’m through security. I pack my chia seeds (just add water and enjoy), instant oatmeal packets (use the coffee maker in your hotel to heat the water), and spirulina for plant protein that you can simply add to a glass of water. I always pack my all natural pocket-sized EO hand sanitizer and Urban Moonshine digestive aid.


A great book never hurts for the plane ride or your iPad with downloaded books works too. During my last flight a few weeks ago, I took Victoria Moran’s “Living A Charmed Life” and remained inspired throughout my entire trip! As you can see in the picture below, I even found a food shop at the airport (thanks, Balducci’s) that had Vegan macro sushi! The rest of the world is quickly catching on to a natural lifestyle, but until it becomes mainstream, you might have to do a little research and searching. But it’s well worth the effort and it gets easier along the way. Happy traveling, the natural way!


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