How To Recover After Overeating

We’ve all been there…you have the best of intentions and then you’re pulled into a streak of overeating; whether it’s with clients, friends, or family. The next thing you know, you’re indulging in the non-Vegan cheese and eating a half of a loaf of delectable bread and sipping on a beer. Suddenly, your eating habits are thrown completely out-of-whack. (Not that I speak from experience; that image above is clearly a stock photo…cough cough) Although you might feel lousy afterwards, it’s important not to beat yourself up. On a mind note, loading up on guilt will only derail you further from your purpose. I don’t suggest or promote going on a “diet” so I will refrain from using that word in the context of this article. I view eating as a lifestyle choice that you integrate into your everyday practices just like you make your bed or wash your face in the morning. It’s part of who you are, but sometimes, you fall out of rhythm. When you stray, you simply get back on track, because it’s fundamentally ingrained in you. You wouldn’t stop washing your face or making your bed because you missed one day, would you?

When I have these moments, I first and foremost, enjoy myself while doing it and forgive myself the morning after. We all have times where we need to let go and indulge. While indulgences can have health implications, if they’re done infrequently and consciously, you can still maintain a magnificently healthy lifestyle. On a body note, I personally choose to detox through juicing and eating more raw fruits and vegetables directly after splurging. I recommend juicing with beets, parsley, or lemon as one of the main bases, as they all have cleansing power. Drinking water, eating raw vegetables, and salads as well as drinking diluted Apple Cider Vinegar help the process of purging your system too. I always wake up with a glass of hot water with lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper to speed up my metabolism. Moving your body is also essential. Whether it’s cranking out some Zumba moves to my iPod or lifting some weights at the gym, I keep it moving to combat the decadence. These rituals will get you back to where you need to be and get your body feeling right again. Just be sure to get your mind and body aligned to starting fresh and resume your health again.

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