Enjoy the Simple Things in Life and Get Lost in the Moment


Recently, friends and I had a get together to talk about a business course we were all taking. The date was set and we would all meet at our friend’s apartment which overlooks the water and Manhattan. I brought my iPad and “fun sheets” along with some snacks and was ready to roll up my sleeves and work. However, once we all came together, we quickly got off track and got lost in the moment without talking business at all! We immediately began to chuckle about our lack of focus and vowed to do better next time. But we all felt like a million bucks when we disbanded. The point here is that sometimes when we shift the focus off of getting things done and get lost in the moment, we begin to find our true purpose and create meaning in our lives.

Taking unlimited time to reconnect with friends and family without focusing on a purpose can free you. When I say “free you” I refer to the constant day-to-day running around we do to get things done like errands and to-do lists that we feel will create a sense of accomplishment for ourselves. When we let go, drop the list, and simply allow ourselves to be in the moment, we often reconnect with the true meaning of life; love, laughter, and pure enjoyment. Seeking meaning but then burying yourself in perfunctory work will bring you no closer to any meaning. Living in the moment will lead you to everything you need.

I challenge you to release the control and let life lead you to your bliss. Give it a try and share your joy in the comments below.

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