Chocolate Summer Smoothie Recipe

It’s a hot summer day and I was driving home craving a “nice cream” sundae from my my favorite local Vegan joint. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist the deliciously decadent toppings they offer such as peanut butter, chocolate sauce, and crumbled cookies…(just because it’s Vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy) So I decided to make my own chocolate smoothie because I know exactly what’s in it, it’s all organic, and it’s equally as refreshing as a sundae. Here’s the recipe:

Serves 2

1 banana (frozen or not)

1.5 cups unsweetened almond milk (vanilla or plain)

1.5 tbsp cacao powder

1 tsp hemp seeds

5-6 ice cubes

(If you’re looking to get more iron into your diet, you can add a half or one tsp black strap molasses)

Blend all ingredients together in a high-powered blender until completely smooth and serve!

You get a great source of protein from the hemp seeds and the almond milk is vitamin and calcium enriched. I use Whole Food’s brand of organic, unsweetened vanilla almond milk because it doesn’t contain carageenan, an emulsifier that has been allegedly linked to digestive issues and cancer. You can also make your own almond milk. Bananas are a great source of potassium and caco powder is high in antioxidant flavanoids, sulfur and magnesium. These whole foods will keep you fueled while satisfying your sweet tooth without all the fat and empty calories. And it’s gluten free! Enjoy!


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