Chipotle Takes A Stand Against GMO’s

The image above is the window of a Chipotle in NY that proudly makes the bold statement to the world and its customers that they will no longer be carrying food with GMOs. Chipotle simply stated that these kinds of ingredients did not “make the cut” in their book. Chipotle has made headlines lately for its drastic action taken against the inhumane practices of their pork suppliers who were found to not be in compliance with Chipotle’s animal welfare standards. This prompted them to quickly terminate their relationship with their pork provider, which led to signs like the one below being posted all around your local Chipotle. Although porkless, and having to apologize to its loyal customers for being so, they stuck to their convictions. Judging by the huge lines I see wrapped around any Chipotle daily, I don’t think their devotees mind.


This is the beginning of a developing trend  in America’s food politics. The landscape, governed by powerful political ties to agricultural giants like Monsanto and the dairy and meat industry, are beginning to be questioned and even rejected by the public. Our safety is brought into question each and every day we unknowingly consume foods that are not labeled as GMOs or filled with antibiotics and hormones for rapid and unnatural growth. The rise of organic and non-GMO food is taking hold and consumers are willing to pay more for their food to ensure its safety and nutrients.

While we still have a long way to go, we can define our voice as a collective by

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