Celebrating World Vegetarian Day


Between National Kale Day and World Vegetarian Day, I’m beside myself with excitement! Even though I’m a Vegan (no dairy), I originally started out as a vegetarian before making the full transition to Veganism. The benefits of a plant-based diet far exceed any other dietary pursuit and clearly show amazing results when it comes to warding off or reversing chronic disease. Embracing vegetables will add color to your life, energy and stamina throughout your day, and even help you to lose weight without dieting. While I don’t encourage anyone to consume dairy products as they disrupt the digestive process and have been known to contribute to the onset of chronic diseases, I would advocate for a vegetarian lifestyle if it helps to incorporate more whole foods into your diet. Celebrate today with a new resolve to eat more whole, organic vegetables and green juices, in order to live a more sustainable and healthy life.

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