Bring the Farm Home – Local Food Co-Ops and Seasonal Produce

My sister helping me out with the weekend pick up.

Many of us struggle to keep whole, perishable foods readily stocked in the refrigerator. I used to find myself running to the grocery store at least 3 times per week to keep my green juice habit going. Then I discovered that my town and many other towns in and around it, have community produce co-ops. These pod shares buy hand-picked produce from local organic and ecological farmers at almost wholesale prices. Pickups are weekly and pods share the responsibility of sorting the produce and making it available to members for pick up. It’s fairly priced and stocks you and your family up for an entire week of yummy veggies and fruits! Whoever is the sorter that week, sends an email out which  lists what produce will be available and where to pick it up. I have come to love this because it makes life easier and gives me access to locally grown whole foods at a great price, that I might not have been able to purchase otherwise. I also love that it supports local farmers and a healthier environment. If you’re interested in joining a pod in your area, I recommend searching online for community gardens or co-ops in your immediate area. 

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