Quick Eats: Breakfast Acai Berry Bowl


Although I’m a faithful devotee to oatmeal, I like to change things up and try other nutritious alternatives. This morning, I made a super yummy acai berry bowl this morning. Acai berries are a super food and hail from Brazil. They are high in antioxidants, fiber, amino acids, omega fatty acids, and they taste wonderful! So why not enjoy them in a refreshing fruit bowl?Check out the simple recipe below:

1 banana

*Muesli or granola

Coconut water

Acai Berry Superfruit Frozen Pack Unsweetened

Add 1-2 packs of acai to the blender, half of the banana, 1/4 cup coconut water or a splash if you only use one pack, transfer into a bowl, sprinkle muesli or granola, slice up other half  of the banana and top off your bowl. You can also add berries and cacao nibs for even more flavor. Enjoy!

*You can use granola, but I prefer muesli as it contains less sugar, and more ingredients so you don’t have to buy individual toppings like coconut shavings, seeds, and cranberry…it’s all in there already! Plus, the kind I use (Bob’s Red Mill) is dairy free, gluten free, and high in fiber. I find that a lot of granola tends to be laced with tons of sugar. I also use the unsweetened acai berry puree packs. But they do sell a sweetened version if you prefer it. I simply like to sweeten my own bowl, if I think I need it; it takes out the guess work of trying to figure out how much sugar and what kind of sugar the manufacturer added. I add a drop or two of stevia extract sweetener into the blender when I mix in the coconut water, acai puree, and banana (half). 



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