Blue Star Donuts

921 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, OR 97210

Blue Star is the mature, straight-laced cousin of Voodoo Donuts, sans the lines, the sexual inuendos, and crazy signature pink boxes. It’s clean, white, no-frills, and has a very limited variety of designer donuts. I was able to spot two different Vegan options that included blueberry cake and green tea matcha. I wanted to get the green tea, but was discouraged by the guy at the counter and advised that it was getting phased out of the lineup. So, I opted for the blueberry cake. It was a frosted berry flavored treat that definitely hit the spot! I enjoyed it thoroughly although I must say, I was a more intrigued by the crazy concoctions at Voodoo donuts. This was very vanilla (meaning plain) but paired well with an ice cold bottle of Portland’s own Stumptown Cold Brew coffee (which is usually never in stock at Voodoo, I might add.

There’s plenty of room to eat, lounge and people watch on the buzzworthy NW 23rd Ave. While you might still be jonesing for a Voodoo donut, you can definitely avoid lines and satisfy your sweet tooth at Blue Star. Enjoy!



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