Blue Dog Kitchen Bar

101 W 25th St
New York, NY 10001

Blue Dog is great place to get a variety of fresh, organic food options including fresh juices and smoothies. Keep in mind, they only accept cash, unless you order through Seamless, which can be a very arduous task, considering the site seems to break down constantly. I have only used online delivery when ordering at Blue Dog. I love the variety of food that they offer. From Vegan to omnivore, they have something for everyone. I also find their fresh juices to be excellent and the variety is vast too! Their price point is reasonable too.

I used Blue Dog to order lunches for business meetings and they’re always prompt and accurate and they have something for everyone. (Seamless on the other hand is shaky, at best). I particularly love the Vegan Broccoli, Leek & Fennel Soup, Hummus & Mixed Green Sandwich, as well as the All Greens Plus Juice. The place itself is very small, so you probably want to take out. One more thing, if you order from Yelp for delivery, the selection is different than the menu shown on Seamless. But overall, everything is good. If you’re looking for fresh, fun, and flavorful mostly-healthy food, on-the-go, Blue Dog is for you. Enjoy!


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