Terri NYC

60 west 23rd street
New York, NY 10010

Terri is an awesome local Vegan joint in midtown that you need to try! I grab lunch here a lot and really enjoy the fact that they have a lot of fresh organic salads that are prepared and ready to grab out of the fridge. My favorite salad, by far, is the Kale Superfood Salad. They also have smoothies, juices, and decadent desserts. You can’t beat the selection. I love that they have some fast food type sandwiches and wraps and also balance things with lots of salads and plant-based offerings too. They sell cleanses too.

I always order online for lunch because the afternoon rush can be brutal. The staff is nice. You probably want to eat out because it’s tiny and can get a bit cramped with the limited seating. Either way, Terri is a wonderful Vegan joint that you should check out.

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