Asana House Juice Bar Yoga Lounge

127 Valley Road
Montclair , NJ 07042

From the moment I walked into the door of Asana House, I felt a sense of warmth and tranquility (well, it was summer, but you get the idea…) From the wonderful and vast selection of fresh juices, to the fresh and healthy food menu, you really can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a healthy place to eat. I’m also just beginning to get into yoga and I love the peaceful atmosphere that Asana provides complete with lots of yogi reading material and merchandise to buy.

The staff is laid back and friendly and happy to answer any questions about the juices or the food. It’s a little tight because it’s small, but the seats are comfy to curl up and read a book on. I love the Earth Goddess and the All Green juice the best. The wraps and salads are also delicious and made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. You can’t beat that! If you’re looking for a simple place to get your zen on while sipping on a fresh juice and chomping on some greens, look no further. You might also want to explore the yoga classes and books they have. Namaste!

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