6 Ways To Recharge and Get Out of A Slump

We’ve all had times when we’re not feeling ourselves. Work, life, responsibilities, and stress can all take a toll and leave you feeling positively meh about everything. But the difference between getting there and staying there resides in what you do about it. First, always acknowledge the slump and permit yourself to be ok with it. Without acceptance, you won’t be able to move forward and implement strategies to get out of it. Second, get motivated. Don’t be resigned to your current situation; open your mind and heart to the possibility of change and take action. I’ve outlined some fun & simple steps to getting out of your slump and back into a life you love below:

1. Travel – It doesn’t matter if it’s near or far. Take a long weekend somewhere you’ve never been. Hop a plane, book a last minute flight, stay at a charming bed & breakfast and take in the sights. You don’t have to have an agenda, that might cause you more stress to plan. Simply live in the moment and enjoy the spontaneity of it all. If you’re not able to spend the money on a mini-break, go somewhere local you’ve never been to. Take a road you’ve never taken, try a new restaurant, visit a town you’ve heard wonderful things about, or take a different way home for your drive to work or your commute. Breaking up the monotony of your routines will make a difference and provide a refreshing change.

2. Reconnect With Yourself – Take some time with yourself to just be. Whether it’s reading a book while staying in your pajamas all day, meditating, sleeping in late, or straightening out your closet. Rediscovering something about yourself that you may have forgotten or haven’t made time for will reconnect you to the simple pleasures of who you are. Work, technology, and responsibilities can keep us so far removed from those memories. So, break out the old photos, put on those old leg warmers and dance around to 80’s music, let yourself get back in touch with the fun little things you used to enjoy.

3. Create Something – It doesn’t matter what it is! Take a writing class, start a blog, craft, write in a journal, re-paint your room, put together a vision board of your deepest desires, or take a sewing class. When you create, you derive a tremendous source of pride from your work whether you’re a beginner or a burgeoning artist.  Bring your unique talents into existence and you just might uncover your bliss!

4. Look At the World With a Beginner’s Mind – I recently read an article in Flow Magazine that inspired me to look at the world with new eyes. It talked about seeing everything through the lense of a beginner’s mind. In other words, allowing your curiosity to rule, free of pre-conceived notions and judgement from past experiences and simply experiencing life as it happens. You will appraoch life a lot less jaded and become excited about everything around you.

5. Do Something Selfless – Do something that helps someone else without any benefit to you. Donate to a charity that has significance to you, volunteer at your local animal shelter or food bank, spend time with an elderly family member who could use the company, pay for the stranger behind you at the coffee shop, give your seat up to a child on the subway…the list goes on. Do something unexpectedly wonderful for another person and you will surely benefit from it in the process. (See, you end up getting something anyway!)

6. Reconnect With Nature – With the fast-paced lives we live, we often end up getting confined to cubicles or in our homes for prolonged periods of time. Parks and recreational facilities seem to be disappearing and we’re all making less of a concerted effort to seek these places out. Make it a point to look up at the trees. Set aside one day a week to take a long walk or run in the park. If you have a dog, take it for a long walk at a reservation or park or go with your partner and explore. You will feel renewed and see the world through a different lense.

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