5 Ways To Transition To A Plant-Based Lifestyle

Changing habits as inherent to us as nutrition and lifestlyle can sometimes be a serious challenge. But, it doesn’t have to be. Living a natural life is one that is inspiring, empowering, and sustainable. When I first began the journey, I felt some resistance at first but quickly transitioned through education and action. My five tips below will help you if you’re stuck on where to start or why you should stick with it.

1. Educate Yourself – With all the noise in today’s world, it’s hard to distinguish what’s good in your diet and what’s hurting you. Before investing in any major purchases or disposing of any toxic foods or products in your home, find some credible sources (like Viva Green Life) that will guide you through what to avoid and what to embrace in your diet and lifestyle. My journey began when I watched some documentaries on the American food supply. What started as an afternoon movie transformed my way of thinking from passive to actively involved in what I put in and onto my body. Films such as Food, Inc. and Hungry For Change literally changed my life. There are also many worthwhile books, authors, and experts on the subject of organic food and living. I subscribe to FMTV, the Netflix for healthy mind, body, and soul movies and resources. Of course, with anything, you take what resonates with you and leave out what doesn’t but learning and practicing are key!

2. Take Action – Now that you have some education about organic living under your belt, it’s time to start putting what you’ve learned into practice. Clean out your cabinets and take inventory of what you’re currently eating including what’s in your pantry and refrigerator. If throwing out all the bad stuff equates to spending too much on replacements, prioritize what’s worst and work your way down gradually. Resources like The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Thirteen will let you know exactly what produce you should always buy organic due to the high amount of pesticides as well as which produce you can buy non-organic. If you’re also looking to replace your beauty products, refer to EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database for a quick search of your favorite beauty products and how they rank on the toxin levels they contain. Look for 3 or less as optimal. Read up on the brands I use in the Beauty section.

3. Locate Your New Favorite Spots – Use resources like Yelp to find organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, or natural farm-to-table restaurants and markets near you. If you’re shopping in mainstream markets and shops, the temptation to revert to your old toxic ways could be unavoidable. Patronizing places that embrace the lifestyle you love will help you to discover more healthy option resources and enrich your journey along the way. Every time I step into Whole Foods or a natural living shop, I find I learn something new just by exploring the aisles and speaking with the people who work there. One good question could open the door to another incredible way of embracing a natural life.

4. Get The Right Tools – Like any other practice, you need the right tools to succeed. Once you’ve got the right foods and products under your belt, be sure to get the kitchen supplies and self-care supplies. I went back to principle number 2 for this one by purchasing some really great books that helped to get me started on my decision to become a Vegan. These books guided me through what products (such a toaster oven, lemon squeezer, bamboo cutting boards, a body brush, essential spices) would provide me with the foundation for living naturally. This advice enabled me to cut out a lot of the time-consuming, expensive trial and error that could come along with blindly buying random items. Check out the various categories on our site for your one-stop-shop guide.

5. Get Involved and Have Fun – When all the work is done and you’re on the path to being the best you can be, stop and enjoy all you’ve accomplished. Share your tips with your friends and family and get involved!! Living a natural life is amazing on all levels and it’s important that you propel the movement. Join a local organic garden co-op, start your own food share, grow a garden, donate organic food to those in need, and simply spread the word! Your friends and family will be inspired and you will make a difference. The secret to natural living is something we should all know and have access to! The risk of not knowing could mean life or death, so let yourself shine!

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