5 Ways To Stay Inspired Everyday

We all crave more of what inspires us. Sadly, most of us remain uninspired because we get caught up in attending to the necessities; like getting to work on time or doing the dishes. We neglect the inner voice inside that nags us when we’re in meetings twiddling our thumbs or sitting in traffic impatiently because we just want to get home. But that voice is trying to tell us something. Here are some helpful tricks that will allow you to redirect that boredom and channel it into something more productive

1. Keep a photo or trinket handy that embodies your deepest source of inspiration. Carry pictures that remind you of everything you love the most. For instance, a picture of your children or pets, your sister, a lovely flower, or anything that makes you smile. Sometimes we need that extra visual to conjure up and intensify good feelings. Wear something that reminds you to stay inspired. I have a pair of Toms with the phrase “Live Your Dream” written all over I wear to keep me inspired all day long. They read “Live Your Dream.” I know that them. So every time I looked down at my feet, I’m reminded of my purpose. Carry a written quote around in your phone notes or wallet. Read it when you need to decompress or get things in perspective.

2. Make the most of your idle moments and get in touch with your wildest dreams. If you commute in the morning, use that “me time” to get in touch with your goals and dreams. Put on your headphones and listen to an insightful podcast, read an inspirational book or magazine that guides you to move closer to where you want to be in your life. Instead of using devices to tune out and disengage, use them to reinforce powerful messages that will motivate you to take action!

3. Use your pain to drive you to do better. We all hit a slump. It’s important that when we do, we not only look to what inspires us, but also act on it too. Don’t use your valuable thoughts and energy to dwell on the negative, instead use these circumstances as fuel to make a change and get inspired. If you don’t like your job, use the pain of having to report to a 9-5 to inspire you to make a change and do something you’re passionate about. Don’t succumb to your fears and doubts of changing your situation. Exploit the portrait of unhappiness to paint a different outcome that leads to balance and fulfillment.Get intentional and get a plan.

4. Practice gratitude on a daily basis. A while ago, a friend tagged me in a Facebook post regarding a 5 Day Gratitude Challenge. It basically involved posting 3-6 things you’re grateful for everyday for the next 5 days. I gladly accepted. The exercise was surprisingly had a positive influence on my everyday state of mind. Acknowledge what you are grateful for; meditate on it. You don’t have to publicize your gratitude to make it count. Grant yourself a few minutes every morning, when you rise, to acknowledge the little and big things you’re thankful for. This will truly make a difference in your life and start everyday off right.

5. Keep a journal. Keeping a pocket-sized notebook with you is an excellent way to capture random inspirations or thoughts that you can reflect on later. Journaling is not only for teenagers and writers. We all  live lives worthy of documenting, especially moments of clarity. Inspiration is just that, Clarity. When we allow it to come in, we get closer to our true selves and in turn, our deepest desires and passion.

Don’t waste time distracting yourself from the hum-drum pace of life. Use that time to get and stay inspired! Share what inspires you below in the comments.

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